Smoove ImpactDescription:

Smoove Impact is a group of four young men from the Boston area. Their names are Sakorey, Flashy, Paris and Hakim. These four young men are truly dedicated and sincere about their efforts to take music back to a place it has not been to for quite some time.

In an era that is filled with various types of hip hop pop and rap music, they are truly bringing a fresh soulful element to the music game. They sing what producer Kevin Edwards likes to call New Era Old School music; or as he calls it: NEOS music.

According to group member Sakorey, "We like to sing songs with the old school vibe and throw our style of vocal delivery and sound into the mix. We like the rawness of older groups like the Temptations, The Whispers, Force MDs and Boyz to Men."

Every member of this group can sing lead, and it is a brotherhood. It’s not about who sings lead with us; it’s about entertaining people with the real vocals, no watered-down overly auto-tuned sound. They are a refreshing element to the music industry and they have an appeal with both older and younger listeners.

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