Cosmic MoxaDescription:

Cosmic Moxa is the dynamic duo of John Salonen - maestro of the guitar, keys, and killer fiddle, born in Finland and coming from a familial musical background, and Nancy Valois born in the U.S.A., awesome vocals and inspired keys. They formed Cosmic Moxa in 1970 and have since gone on to create over 75 albums of original music, with more coming all the time. From Rock to Jazz, Trance to Funk, Acoustic to such diverse and interesting instrumentation as the Japanese Koto and Irish Dulcimer, Cosmic Moxa pleases the ear and the spirit with their original sound.

When asked “Why the name?” and “Where did it come from?”; they replied, "Back in 1970 we were reading a book about Kirillian Photography (photographing the aura of living objects), and came across the word "moxa", which means healing with high frequency sound waves. We decided that the name fit our idea of spirit, music, and positive life."

Their music, songs, and life reflect their devotion to always reach for the positive, spreading the affirmative message of love throughout their songs and music. Cosmic Moxa spends a lot of their time working on music theory and the pursuit of musical excellence and it shows in the inspired and diverse sounds they create. From classical piano as in the album “Piano Moods” to the beautiful sounds of the “Alternative Listening” album or the cutting edge of “Euro Thick Beat” or the heavy rock sound of “Surrender Dorothy”, they are always on the forefront of musical and technological sound; staying one step ahead of the mainstream. They were proud to have been nominated for Worcester Magazines Best of Funk & Soul in 2006 and to have won 2nd place. They entertain at various establishments in the New England area playing smooth jazz fusion.

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