TOKYO TRAMPSDescription:

The Winner of River City Ohio Blues Competition 2010 by Blues,Jazz, and Folk Music Society(Marietta, OH), TOKYO TRAMPS represented BJFM and competed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN in February 2011

Hailing from the Land of Rising Sun (Japan), TOKYO TRAMPS is on a mission to deliver joy and excitement of true American music, Blues and Rock'n'Roll. American music has a tremendous power to make three Japanese come down here. The musical journey started when Satoru Nakagawa left Japan to go to Louisiana searching for the spirit of Rock'n'Roll. Soon he found its father, Blues. Yukiko Fujii left a very lucrative job in Tokyo and took a giant step following her heart to play American music in America. Kosei Fukuyama had a dream of becoming the best drummer. His ambition is to hit the big time in America. These three had a chance to meet in Boston, where American Revolution started. Satoru took its name TRAMPS from his early idol, Bruce Springsteen's song, Born To Run - "Tramps like us, baby, we were born to run." Coming to a foreign land, not having home or families, traveling from place to place searching for the best sounds of America, what else can we do to make our dreams come true except playing for a Rock'n'Roll band?

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