MYSTAFINE has fresh, high grade sounds that are healing to the body and soul, continously evolving to spread positive vibes while promoting clarity and meditation. They tap into mystical, Earthly energy, connecting the spirit to the masses with powerful music. Their sound is unique, but can be described as Reggae, Dancehall, Rockers, Roots, and Soca. The band, led by guitarist, bassist, and songwriter Adam Steele Zucker, has been performing in different incarnations since late 2005 with the idea that original Reggae music could uplift people's consciousness and energy. After joining with vocalist and lyricist Julian and the innovative keyboardist Dan, a new sound was formed. It was as though they were on the same page. Julian's high energy vibes and powerful voice brought the sound to exciting new places including festivals, nightclubs, elementary schools, and private parties.  Now they are here with us!

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