Led by the irresistible energy of master rhythm guitarist and drummer Mamadou Diop, the MAMADOU band presents a world-class cultural experience. The sound is a guitar and drum led West-African pop that includes the rhythms of high-life, juju, rumba, samba, salsa, and reggae blended into authentic Senegalese ethnic rhythms. Though MAMADOU's songs are primarily sung in many languages including his native Wolof, the language of music is universal and every audience they perform for instantly understands and reacts with joyous dance.

Mamadou Diop has over 30 years of experience performing African music throughout Africa, Europe, and North America. Born and raised in Senegal, he now resides in the United States bringing his culture to new worlds. His music culminates centuries of traditional rhythms, mixed with modern electric instrumentation, performed live by his band MAMADOU. If you have never experienced a live MAMADOU show, then you are in for a real treat!

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