LADY LEE started her reggae music career in Boston in the early 90's, chanting and singing on strictly dancehall riddims witha powerful strong voice andlyrics alongside some of the hottest famous artists of the day. She continues to travel spreading positive messages of Rastafari, while keeping the entertainment part of the business in tact.

Born on the island of Barbados, and raised by her parents to respect all people, she travels all over the world and has performed in Jamaica, London, Barbados, and all over the USA, especially along the east coast, mainly Boston, New York and Florida, making show stops in North Carolina and Virginia. Lady Lee is also a DJ and is the owner of Mega Roots Energy Sound. Her DJ skills transferred to radio in 2004 and she has a live show, THE LIONS DEN, every Sunday from 7-9 pm in Boston, live at .

She is also an artists promoter and a writer, as she pens all of the songs she performs, and lends her writing skills to other reggae artists and singers – MEGA ROOTS PRODUCTIONS.She captivates her audience with melodies blended from the original reggae dancehall styles and new up to date sounds.

She keeps her lyrics conscious with social messages of teaching, paying respects to her African heritage and at the same time, keeping her world perspective, with her true belief of one world, one people, one love. If you happen to catch on a night when it's a freestyle session, she is not to be missed.

Lady Lee is among Boston's best and finest of Reggae artists, writing and performing original pieces that move and touch the souls of the audience. Her ensemble of skilled musicians joins us at the Salem CultureFest for a performance you have to experience to appreciate.

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