Twelve-year-old singer/songwriter Hayley Reardon has had music in her ears for as long as she can remember. She’s been sharpening her musical skills through weekly sessions with the well-respected Don White who commented, “I have had the pleasure of being a performance coach and teacher for Hayley since March of 2009. I have taught performance skills and songwriting to hundreds of people of all ages for fifteen years and I say with absolutely no hyperbole that she is far and away the most naturally gifted songwriter that I have ever seen or heard. Each week during our time together I am awestruck by her talent.  Her songs are beautifully constructed, delicately phrased and many of them have that extremely rare ability to emotionally impact a room full of people between the ages of nine and ninety. Prior to meeting Hayley, I could not have been convinced by anyone that it was possible for these songs to have been written by a sixth grader. I still have trouble believing it.”

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